IRIX Web Tools is a set of online color resources that will power the next evolution of Iris. Try them here.

Everything you need to create beautiful color schemes.

A unified set of powerful and flexible tools to find inspiration for that perfect palette.

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Palettes editor

A full-featured palettes editor

Create, edit and organize beautiful color schemes. Use an intuitive editor to fine-tune your colors.

Example 1 of color tools Example 2 of color tools Example 3 of color tools

Powerful color tools

A set of unique and flexible tools will help you in finding inspiration. Start from an image, a random palette or a mix of colors. Iterate over ideas and craft a perfect colors combination. All in a single app.

Example of exporting colors to different formats

Export your palettes to different formats

Use your colors wherever you need them. Supported formats: HEX, CSS, UIColor, SCSS, LESS.


Color harmonies tool


Generate aesthetically pleasant color schemes based on harmony rules.

Shades/Tints tool


Explore tints and shades starting from a base color.

Extract colors from image tool

Colors from image

Extract prominent colors from any image. Tip: Nature pictures are a great source of inspiration!

Random palette generator tool

Random palettes

Running out of ideas? Iris can automatically generate color schemes for you!

Colors mixer tool


Mix colors using different color spaces to play with variations.

Colors variations tool


Start from a base color and try its variations in different color spaces.

Text test tool

Text test

Check if the color you chose for a text is easily readable against a particular background color.

Contrast test tool

Contrast test

Calculate the contrast between two colors using the WCAG contrast ratio.

Color blindness simulator tool

Color blindness simulator

Simulate how people with different kinds of color blindness see compared to a person with normal color vision.

... And more!

Drag and drop

Drag colors between tools and palettes to add, change or reorder them.

Color conversions

Convert/export colors to many formats, such as RGB, HSV, CMYK, SCSS, LESS, Objective-C, Swift.

Advanced palettes editing

Duplicate existing palettes, reorder and give them a name to personalize your work.

Color spaces

Most of the tools are designed to work with advanced color spaces like LinearRGB, HCL or LAB.



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$9.99 $4.99


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